How scary is this feeling of ‘E’nvy that takes us away from happiness and from the people who make us happy. Human nature it is though, wanting to have something that others have too. But envy too can play a good part if we are clear about what we want. How? Well Bill Gates has what not? But he isn’t our relative neither is he like those people we know around us, so being envious of Bill Gates….that would be senseless. But what if our best friend, whom we need at the moment, is busy preparing for an annual function at college or is having some fun time with family? Obviously we have other options rather than just a best friend but what if they too are busy? Now that’s where envy is good. Sitting at home winding up some sorta mess while others have fun is a situation which makes us think “why me?” But it can also be a situation which can make us think “why not me??” If we really want to be a part of the happiness that others are experiencing then we’ve gotta take it by involving ourselves in it rather than wanting it to come with an invite and get us involved. As they say, “opportunities don’t come, you’ve to take them.” So when happiness is any where near us then we must grasp it and keep it ‘with’ us. Next time we feel envious of someone being happy even when they know we need them then we’ve just gotta mould it into an opportunity be a part of that happiness rather than mourning over not having it. There.
Bibliography: self experience, The Secret and a few awesome Hollywood movies ;D


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