Life Hasn’t Been That Boring, Thankfully.

Haven’t blogged about anything since so long. Either I was running out of ideas and topics or was running out of interesting events. Actually, it was both! But while I was wondering what to blog about, I didn’t realize that many new things had happened and were happening around me. Normal new things though. My first job interview,the first new thing, which got me selected for the second round of interview. But I rejected it since It didn’t feel right. Although, a job in a corporate company was my dream like those of the graduates who’d kill to be in my shoes (after all I have an awesome collection :P). But I am yet to be a graduate so enjoying college life while I can seemed like a better idea. Strange, isn’t it? how life ends up taking the unlikeliest turns. Well, the second best thing I realized is that reading can transform you into a total different person at once. Or, to be precise, it can bring out the real you. That’s what reading has done to me. After reading a few Romance fictions, namely “Ofcourse I love you!”, ” Oh yes!! I am single”, “She broke up, I didn’t!” and “If it’s not forever!”  by Indian author Durjoy Datta, my perspective towards many things have changed, strongly. Be it a romantic fiction or an Autobiography by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, a book goes on to teach you more than what it consists of. Or so I have learned. The third best new thing that happened was attending a book launch for the first time. It might not be a big deal but it was for me since I am obsessed with reading and attending book launches will only make me better. So, this new Indian author, named Anjali Kirpalani, launched her first book ‘Never Say Never” which is about a girl named Nikita Kumar, 25, who is unemployed and unmarried; an unemployed Indian woman isn’t a big deal but an unmarried Indian woman can be a reason for unrest in the world, believe it or not! Anyways, the story is followed by Nikita’s boring and hopeless life which she tends to make otherwise by setting a few resolutions about things she’ll never do. But life has some surprising plans for Nikita and she ends up doing things that she never planned on doing; in short she breaks her resolutions (well, we all end up breaking ours, don’t we?) So overall the book launch was a nice experience. Celebrity columnist and Author Nisha Jamwal appeared as a guest for the launch.
Image Also, I got my first edition signed by the author herself (yaaayyyy!). Henceforth my resolution for life is that I am gonna attend every book launch which I possibly can. Who knows, I might as well end up launching my own book few years from now 😉


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