Once out of many few days try to pen down some words on a piece of paper. Let those days compel your emotions to write. Be touched by sadness every once in a while yet live happy every second, wonder what life was, is, should be, could be, would be and wonder so once everyday. See pity and help it grow out of itself, see innocence and mould it into strength and power. Look at life from a different perspective everyday as you live it and pen it all down, for there is so much to it when its yours and so much more when its someone else’s. Write it down and see how a pen and a paper bridge the distance between your thoughts and words. Don’t look for perfect words, make moments perfect instead and define them in words which slip right through your thoughts. Live a little big, do a lot of happy, enlighten your vision and help it make way into your subconscious thereby living an artwork in your dreams and learn how closed eyes lead you to a more beautiful world of possibilities. Pen it all down, express it to yourself to live it all over again. Express it to the world making it a better place to live in. Let your emotions flow on a piece of paper and discover yourself, discover this world, discover the flaws and invent words as your tool to mend them. Mend those flaws, mend yourself, mend this world with words and write it down all over again.


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