Yes, money can’t buy happiness,
But it can take away our sorrow.
If only, dear God, You could teach us so,
Your Love no man would ever borrow.

Yes, money is the sky where stars of malevolence shine,
But O Dear God, if money is any better.
It is also a temple, where deities of benevolence enshrine.

Yes, money kills the richness from within the soul of the rich,
And it moulds great minds into a handful of clay.
But dear God, if u may, take a minute of my life and come see,
How that ragged five year old knows money is no child’s play,

If you may My Lord, then pray come down at the door of the poor,
For you are served the most already by the hands full of gold of many.
But pray come and relish the service of the dry old hands,
You wouldn’t mind letting those eyes cherish the moment as they hold a penny.


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