I lied today. I told them I woke up early, but then realized that all this while I was deep asleep. I lied today. I spoke to them very well, but then I realized I hadn’t given myself the chance to listen. I lied today, as I smiled at many as warmly as I could. Honestly, it was the most I could do for all I cared. I lied today, As I tried saving myself from lying. Instead, I kept circling around the lies hoping to find the truth. It then struck my mind that many stones were missing on the path which I walked on everyday, twice. Thats when truth came to me and told me that every time I lied, it was consumed by a stone respectively, which travelled to a world where my lies were the truth of someone else’s life….. It is then when truth forgave me lifting off a burden of lies from my shoulder because every lie I spoke of, as I learnt, was the truth for someone.


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