20150510-162456.jpgI had no idea while taking this image of my Mom that her beauty would inspire me so much so to write this article on how the presence of Indian women in the kitchen beautifies the kitchen with her femininity, her sense of management and perfection and the love with which she does it all which is otherwise considered as her weakness by the society. Thanks Mom! Happy Mother’s Day ❤

Her freshly washed black long hair half tied at the back with a clip, dressed in her usual salwaar kameez. A beautiful face,decorated with a bindi and a pair of earrings, sweltering as she bakes parathas on the scorching tawa. Lost in her own thoughts probably planning the day’s events, a slight curve on her lips on listening to the tv program, rolling the dough with her finely sculpted hands accessorized in gold bangles. She decorates the western kitchenware with Indian food and spices filled in them. Her edgy and flawless steps as she sways around the traditional Indian kitchen. Those flavors describing her womanhood; her words which possess healing qualities like that of turmeric, her anger like that of red chili powder, her playfulness like that of tamarind, a pinch of salt that brings out the girl in her, and her poise and patience like that of water. Serving her family is her religion and she alone is the devotee. An Indian woman, her relationship with her kitchen is one that none other can establish; a traditional affair. Some might say orthodox but it defines her as she is, it is where she is herself, it is where she finds herself. If it is not for her presence, no Indian kitchen would look complete. She shares something deep with it, it can not be spoken of, it can only be felt. Her simple presence there lightens the entire kitchen. Many call it a stereotype, but it isn’t. It is a beautiful relationship established out of love. Give whatsoever, it is how she expresses herself the most, for I know from the filling flavors of her cooking. No wonder anymore as to what’s so satisfying about HER food than the others’…
Always let alone and observe an Indian kitchen with an Indian woman, it’s kitchen confidential…


4 thoughts on “Her Kitchen Confidential

    1. That is very much true Anita Singh. However this is more about Indian society with relation to their views of a housewife; the traditional touch she gives to a western kitchen and other such perspectives. I hope you like it 🙂


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