Book Review: It Started With A Friend Request by Sudeep Nagarkar

While reading a book, the quantity doesn’t matter provided the quality is at its best. Sudeep Nagarkar’s It Started With A Friend Request does part justice to the quote. Like they say, a book is judged by its cover; a picture of a couple under starry night sky makes the topic obvious; Love. What made it different, of course, was the title. It gives one an impression of social media impregnated with cupid love. But as one enters into the interpretation of It Started With A Friend Request, one realizes that It Rather Started With The Dare. The story revolves around Protagonists Akash, working with RS Group, and Aleesha, a mass media student as they both fall in love. Tamanna, Akash’s manager (who is known in office as Deep), dies in a car accident leaving behind a good set of troubles for Aleesha and Aakash. I’d personally not want to judge the plot since it is a real life incident witnessed by the author himself but I’d surely want to comment that he could have made use of space with better words highlighting other aspects of the story rather than repeating stuff and going on to explain what love is and the unnecessary narration. The humor as well, is below average. The book speaks of love like a 16 year old boy after his breakup. Nevertheless, the 212 paged book does not fail to make one smile because, firstly, it comes from a real life experience and secondly, its about love; now who doesn’t like a lil bit of love stories? If one is reading from a learner’s perspective, the book has a lot to teach, if from a critique’s perspective, there’s a lot to improve. On the whole, its not that disappointing but not that amusing too, yet again, it’d make you believe more in life as you don’t know it 😉


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