Fashion Street

Neither in the simplicity nor in the most stylish ways can you find safety. What will you do to be safe though? Take off that kajal and wear loose t-shirts, baggy jeans and tie a bun, it might as well work. But, what can you do? Can you stop those savage eyes from looking or can you mute the harsh lyrics whispered into your ears as you walk? Those who think of these staring eyes and murmured comments as an admiration for their looks, let me inform you, its not; it is rather the gender you belong to that they are looking at and not the person that you are. Those who think of these as cheapness…..well it cannot be generalized on every man but yes, cheap it is more often than not. And, this comes out of experience, a change in one’s appearance cannot and does not determine change in perception of another. Of course, clothes are a fine description of your strength and grace; but how you get along with them defines you. Who or what you belong to can shield you and not who or what belongs to you. Unity in the values of fashionable women is trendier and bolder than unity in the ongoing style statements or rather a disguise in the name of fashion. One live example on which the above mentioned philosophies can be very well applied is The Queen Of Drapes, Shaina NC, who has walked the littered roads of politics in her best dressed thereby defining her consciousness of her identity. It is this consciousness in such women that has led to the empowerment of many others.
The littered roads are forever going to ogle at you with judgments and cheesy tunes, words will be sung for you.
Wear what fits. Attire will not change these roads. However, how you walk on them with that attire might change you, only more better, stronger.


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