There are questions that She has, the answers are all silent.
A mind that keeps talking, yet the words are all silent.
Those eyes that keep observing, so far the vision is still silent.
Those ears that keep listening, the voices too silent.
There’s so much noise around, and it echoes deep within her.
Then it reaches to a point where silence is screaming in her.
Never has silence felt so strange as it goes on to tell the tale of her haunting beauty,
To keepsake those melancholy deep blue eyes has always been the devils duty.
One can see her portrait spreading silently through the floating dark clouds,
As it rains one can feel her soul pouring out loud.
She’s a queen of dark beauty and vibrant sadness,
Which only a child’s soul can see through the pair of such madness.
Don’t you my friend bother for u lack the soul of that child’s kind,
Cause whenever there’s too much noise, you know where she’s to find……


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