02:30 AM, a cup of coffee in my hand as I check out John Barnes’s profile on Liverpool FC’s Hall of Fame. Listening to the 1988 classic Anfield Rap, I set my spirits high for a long night is to follow as I couldn’t get enough of the Red’s history.

Liverpool FC vs Queens Park Rangers FC : 17-10-1987

Anfield is pervaded by Liverpudlians. King Kenny’s team on the field with a promising game, The Kop chanting Ian Rush as he joins them in cheering the Reds; nothing can make the ambiance at Anfield anymore magnificent.

Match kicks off with QPR attacking and get a corner. No. 11 Brock takes a flimsy corner to no goal. Liverpool take possession, supporters cheer as McMahon attempts a close goal coming through midfield but misses. Crowd goes wild with Whelan’s quick header leading to Aldridge’s goal attempt but saved by QPR keeper Seaman. Anfield is all applaus for good goalkeeping by LFC’s Grobbelaar. A dominating Beardsley tackles the ball passing to Johnston as he leads to his right with amazing pace parallel to the crowd’s ascending cheers and he’s hit a lovely, smooth goal through the penalty area. But to QPR’s relief (or not), ref had fouled the move, however, in Liverpool’s favor. Reds get a free kick attempted by Barnes but at loss. Crowd wooooing in disagreement with referee Ron Bridges. But no sooner does the crowd jump from its seats celebrating as Barnes hits a cross from the left wing with his clever tackling skills and Johnston, this time no foul, hits the net before we can spell g-o-a-l. With their strong attacks, defense and quick tackles, LFC take the lead 3 minutes before half time.

Second half kicks off with the Reds in full confidence. QPR attacking at their best but for nothing, thanks to Grobbelaar’s quick-witted goal keeping. Free Kick to Liverpool attempted by Barnes, though missed, leads LFC to a penalty. It’s a riot out there and it can’t get anymore livelier than that! No. 8, John Aldridge, takes the penalty and without any doubt proves that No. 8 stands for the great! LFC 2-0 QPR. Flawless defending by Liverpool. Its John’s Day at Anfield as Craig Johnston, John Barnes and John Aldridge display their amazing talent both as individuals and team; not to forget the amazing goal keeping by Grobbelaar. Yet another free kick to Liverpool but another good save by Seaman. Liverpool in possession with their amazing tactical form, Barnes making way through the centre to the penalty area, passes to Aldridge on the left, back to Barnes and it’s a goal with Scousers leading 3-0 to QPR. Tell me if you can hear them Kops go “easy! easy! easy! easy! easy!”? And easy it is for Barnes is on fire scoring a fourth for LFC!!! Substitutes Walsh and Lawrenson coming on for Steve McMahon and Craig Johnston. Last few minutes into the game, QPR fighting fairly and bravely to the last minute but the whistle blows. End of a great game with a crowd of around 40,000 applauding as Liverpool FC claim victory against Queens Park Rangers FC 4-0 respectively.

Oh what more do I speak of the glory days having the legendary Kenny Dalglish not just play but manage the club as well!


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