Book Review: Written In The Stars by Anjali Kirpalani


When you are not being able to find a purpose in life, which, if you take my word, will be so in your twenties most probably, then find something good to read. Thankfully, there is always a book for every different mood and condition. And if you get way too lucky, you might as well find a book which in itself is about “purpose”.

I, for one, did get way too lucky reading Written In The Stars by Anjali Kirpalani. The author of Never Say Never, which tells the story of Nikita Kumar, 25, who is fighting her demons in order to achieve her resolutions by never breaking them but she does indeed break every resolution into pieces leading to a fruitful irony, has come up with yet another witty chick-lit. Written In The Stars encircles the life of Ananya Jhangiani, 27, who is trying to find a purpose in life through “the one”……job, that is. Now generally, “the one” implies that one person who’ll be the happily ever after in another’s life but Written In the Stars changes this stereotype through Ananya’s character who is determined to root for a job that defines her. This very idea behind the story is an appealing factor and most likely to draw the reader’s attention. Although it does get disrupted in the middle of the story with a guy in the picture, you realize that if it weren’t for the guy how’d the stars align and how’d the title Written In The Stars be justified? Similarly a number of other such characters such as Ananya’s siblings and not so appealing acquaintances, who might not seem significant initially, make up for Ananya’s sky full of stars only making their role as important as Ananya’s. However, at a point, as the romance heads towards the end, it briefly compels you to relate it to the movie Love Happens; provided you’ve watched it.

The most interesting thing about Written In The Stars is that it’s not just a novel. Readers, precisely graduates….IT’S A CAREER GUIDANCE BOOK TOO! Either it’s that or graduation has taken its toll on me. But on a sincere note, with the variety of businesses owned by various characters in the book, you might as well find something inspiring. And with the kind of jobs that Ananya’s character has worked through, you will know what NOT to do if you can relate yourself to her.

As far as the language and titles are concerned, it can’t get anymore peppier and playful than that. The author dedicates the book “to anyone who has ever felt lost” which fills the reader’s hearth with warmth for we have all at some point felt lost. This expresses that the author, though having written chick lit, understands the general reader along with her target audience. The intriguing subtopics make you feel like you’re being taken into a cosmic ride; especially if you’re a non-believer, these amazingly phrased sub-topics might just be your silver lining. The narration sounds fresh and original giving you an insight into the author’s personality which I think is not less than an achievement for an author to be able to connect with his/her readers. The conversations, on the other hand, expose the effort behind their creation, especially between Ananya and her Mother which make them sound not so natural. Author’s chucklesome humor however, ensures a smile on the reader’s face.

All in all the author’s women-centric writing style addresses the farsightedness of women, as also the author herself, in these modern times and at the same time the story and final message behind it addresses every type of audience. So if you are looking for an inspiration and don’t know how and where, this is the book for you. And like I always say, every book has something to learn from. Have fun reading!


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