It was a day when the rain was penning its farewell song; winter was at the door. It was as if the day itself was confuse, melancholy. It was moving indolently. To my shock, an unfortunate news of someone’s loss came in unbidden. And then, thinking about how the day had been and everything that’s related to loss, I convinced myself to hope by writing this poem. So if you are facing one of those cold days, I hope this will warm you up a little 🙂

Winter had sheltered us with its cold ceiling of smog,
Every cold word we spoke turned into fog.
And then it drizzled today, we thought it’d rain……,
We thought it’d rain and the cold, the darkness, the pain would all drain.
Yet, it only drizzled today and the cold got worse with dark clouds,
More like tears of sadness fell on the land of love and proud.
No one knows what to make of it,
Is it sadness doubled as it split?
The clouds drizzled and so did our eyes,
But our tears were soaked back into the skies.
Now that we know they will be carried to those in need,
Hoping they’ll relish the rain and their tears will be freed.


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