Things clattering

Hopes shattering

Clocks ticking

Noises pricking

Middle of the street

Crowded all around

Trying to escape

From the deafening sounds

Frozen feet

Locked to the ground

Burning heart

Time to break all bounds

Steps gaining pace

Making some space

Breathing in air

Purified by fiery gaze

Running away

Running toward


Till every noise is unheard

Running between

Running beside


Till every sight has dried

Running all day

Running all night

Running to find peace

Peace for which we fight

Running beyond time

Running beyond speed

Till this skin wears off

Till there’s nothing to breathe

Run till the bones hurt

Run till the wounds cure

Run till you set the path ablaze

And turn into flames.

Carried by the wind

Burn till you light up the evening sky

Burn, till your fire shuts those piercing eyes


2 thoughts on “Burning Spirit On The Run

  1. What does this Poetry trying to convey?Are u motivating someone or telling the person to get a Permanent sleep full of peace? Looks like its coming straight from heart.Is it for someone or its General thought which came in your mind?


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