Once upon a day

The day was dutiful and long,

The city was filled with air

And those noises sounded like songs.

We were taken back to those days

When we pretended to know it all,

And when they giggled at our innocence

How we wished to show them all.

Look where we are now,

Growing up, knowing everything,

Trying to tackle these shackles,

Wishing we hadn’t wished for anything.

A pure hearted child gets his wish

But a wish condemned by wisdom,

And he who is wise must wish upon a star,

For his heart is stained by the lights of prism.

Looking back at the times and now,

Fights aren’t games anymore,

Maybe alarms in the  cellphone don’t work right,

Nights aren’t late anymore.

The thought almost came to an end,

A day, in many years, was well spent,

After so long there lit up a small fire,

It was the heart’s tiniest deepest desire.

We hid and ran across the playground,

Never before now did we feel so inspired,

After so long it wasn’t just the mind,

It was also, to our happiness, the body that was tired.




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