The Sound of A Musical Dream

I lay in bed, plugged in my earphones, and closed my eyes while listening to the Train of 3 Doors Down playlist in my phone. I was Here Without You but my music came Back To Me. Listening to those electric guitar beats was like Kryptonite to my restlessness. Soon I was flying away like Pages with the drum beats and orchestral feel of Landing In London. Such loudness In The Dark felt calming as long as it was musical. It had been a while, was time for Goodbyes now. Sleep had awaken Behind Those Eyes. Slowly, Away From The Sun, I slipped into a dream.

One minute it was Agnes Obel’s voice slowly echoing from beneath the water while I sat by the Riverside, and another minute Civil Twilight sang for me for I had received Hogwarts’ Letters From The Sky. As I looked up to A Sky Full of Stars , I could see them growing closer to me until they were a shining Paradise. I stood facing those mirror walls in the Castle of Glass and sang to myself. “I am gonna Fix You with A Whisper”, whispered I to the problems until they were all Lost in its loudness. And right after, I found Maps to the Maroon 5 treasure. It Makes Me Wonder as I write, how that music made me groove over sadness. Caught up in The Temper Trap, I gradually started losing hold of my dream Fading Fader. But it was not over yet, The Sea was(is) Calling me. There was a bigger world to see and add to this feeling of Sweet Disposition. Somewhere amidst these sounds I found A Place For My Head in a Castle of Sand. Before The Worst, I had to make it to The End Where I Begin, said The Script in The Dairy of Jane. My Hall of Fame chanted these names and I could let nothing Talk Me Down until I completed it. While it was really A Dream, it felt like A Thousand Years. Thank You For The Music, for my Stereo Heart did Breakeven but into pieces of everlasting hope, undefeated truth and purest of expressions. Fireflies were almost disappearing now but we were happy about The Time we spent for so long. We were glad about the Late Goodbye. This was The Call for many nights to follow this September. To get hold of another such Killer Joe dream ride, I realized must let go of one now even though While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

I woke up with my fingers clenched to my palm, like trying to keep a world Slipping Through My Fingers. I was Helpless When I(she) Smiled as I realized the playlist had been playing all night long. Clumsy, I got up Swaying to Michael Buble’s hypnotizing voice. Even the birds Saved the Last Dance For Me. I could hear those Airplanes calling, “Come Fly With Me“. I could feel it; another Maestro night awaiting The Tale of Viktor Navorski to lead it to the Seasons In The Sun and Requiem the beauty of the 40th Symphony.


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