We Lead

In the wake of a tiring adulthood,
They innocently mistook for a disease,

What the child in us believed,
Was an inspiration that appeased.

They sought wisdom in expressing sorrow,
Thought we’d already lost the battle to follow,

Little did they know we sought the horizon,
Beginning of a hard-earned victory was livened.

An ocean of doubt in their minds ached their hearts,
For we were young to know that truth was harsh,

But we were living the truth and knew too well,
A tale which they’d wait to hear and WE WILL LIVE to tell.

While it was a trending fashion,
To measure knowledge in fractions,

We were reforming lives with strategies,
Achieving the balance on our biological sheets.

Yes doctors save lives, indeed,
Next to God they are, indeed,

But we know them as ones who nurtured us,
Like God, they helped us save ourselves thus.

Oh how this inspiration of a disease,
Changed our outlook towards life,

Families, we thought, asked questions,
But ours received answers & learnt through our lives.

Oh how the world pitied us,
Unaware of our strengthened gut,

Life for them was merely good and bad days,
For us it was the sweetness of Type 1 Diabetes.

With a purpose to live large and help live larger,
Today WE LEAD.


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