As we hugged proudly looking at the reflection of our love,
She stretched her hand out from the mirror offering me a gift.

It was a box smaller than the size of my palm,
Wrapped in pure silk, soft, calming and warm.

Its touch as soothing as the dewy edges of grass,
Its colors as enlightening as the coral reef.

The ribbons hoisted across like cheerfulness,
And diamonds that could light up the moon.

Struck by its beauty such that I didn’t belong to this world anymore,
Until I reached out to open the box and my world had hit the floor.

Reality had hit my sight with a ring and a note inside,
A corroded ring of reality in a beautiful box of deception.

One with a worn down body with a soul that looked like the box,
Another with a pretty skin with a soul that looked like the ring.

That note would determine the extent of my love for her,
“I am the ring, the box my reflection. Which one would you choose as your reality?”

An unconditional love inside, an unconditional youth outside,
My angels and demons laid in front of me, my love somewhere in between.


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